The Magician releases Magic Tape 71

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magictape71 The Magician releases Magic Tape 71

Summer is (finally) here. Time for fewer clothes, more colorful drinks, and poolside jams. To that end here comes a brilliant new Magic Tape from DJ/producer The Magician. It’s an ace new slate of indie disco and house in a more chill mode and it is going to sound straight up perfect at the beach […]

On having several of my posters featured in the Irish TV show Eipic

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eipic-splash On having several of my posters featured in the Irish TV show Eipic

In the summer of 2015, I received an email out of the blue from a production company in Ireland working on a 6-part TV series about “a creative bunch of teenagers who get together to start a band.  The group embark on a journey out of their rural town and onto a national stage.” It […]

Our Band Could Be Your Typography Lesson

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Rs Our Band Could Be Your Typography Lesson

13, Broke, Curious, Bored The moment is indelibly burnt into my memory. Every Sunday morning, I’d pick through the day’s edition of the Omaha World Herald, digging through sooty inserts and box store circulars to more or less fixate on the comics, entertainment section, the ads. What I ultimately was after were the record store flyouts: rows […]

Fabulous Debris Held Over Through Mid-March

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  After the somewhat surprising success of my solo gigposter show at Outlet Coworking in Sacramento, the show (originally scheduled to close Sunday 2/18) has now been held over and extended through mid-March due to popular demand. The show features over 12 years of my work spanning club shows, festivals, and even an album cover or […]

The Magician — Magic Tape 43

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1010537_664640440253757_349155727_n1 The Magician — Magic Tape 43

[soundcloud][/soundcloud] Producer/DJ/Genius The Magician returns with a brand new installment of his always-brilliant Magic Tape series, packed full of house, disco, and neo-garage fantasticness. I’d include a track list but there’s lots of unreleased and exclusive stuff here, though there’s the makings of a proper track listing for this getting assembled here. FACEBOOK : […]

Dazed and Confused this weekend at midtown’s first bike drive-in

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dazed-and-confused-featured Dazed and Confused this weekend at midtown's first bike drive-in

Last summer, I approached the good folks at LowBrau about possibly setting up a bike drive-in in the spirit of ones I’d read about in Austin and LA. The plan: show a classic film outside where people can bring their bikes or just walk in, get beer vendors, have a DJ and make it an event. […]