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I am Jason Malmberg and I'm a self-taught graphic designer holding it down in Sacramento, California.
I have been fortunate over the past 20 years to design all kinds of stuff: apps, games, books, magazines, websites and and much, much more. When I design gigposters or really anything to do with music I do it under the name Decabet (pronounced deh-kuh-bet).
For almost 15 years I have been designing gigposters, record covers, party flyers, and even branded several large music festivals.
Born and raised in Omaha, I have called Sacramento and Northern California my home since 1999.
My skills run the spectrum from collage to photography to illustration with a heavy emphasis on color and typography. You can see a wide selection of it in my portfolio.

Over the years I've had the good fortune to do work for a wide array of artists, from early work I did for alternative country legend Jason Isbell, to solo and package shows for Australian dance pop act Cut Copy, to an unprecedented run of five different posters for touring giants Kings of Leon in 2017. That same year I'd do my first poster for heavy metal legends Metallica. All in all I've had an enormously lucky run to work on the variety of projects that I have. Where possible I have written case studies both formal and informal to give you a sense of why I did what I did, what I was going for, whether I pulled it off or not, etc. Feel free to contact me with any questions about intent or technique and if you have a project you think I'd be a good fit for, hit me up and let's make something rad. 


If you googled me looking for my portfolio of branding, web, and publication design work, you'll wanna head over to my other site.

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Or if you'd prefer, you can drop a line to his personal email at jason.malmberg@gmail.com he will be in prompt contact, often within 24 hours.