Last summer, I approached the good folks at LowBrau about possibly setting up a bike drive-in in the spirit of ones I’d read about in Austin and LA. The plan: show a classic film outside where people can bring their bikes or just walk in, get beer vendors, have a DJ and make it an event. Sacramento has a really vibrant bike culture, so with the right location and the right film it seemed like a no-brainer. Ideally, I wanted to tie-it in with the 20th anniversary of Richard Linklater’s coming-of-age flick Dazed and Confused last September, but since we all had our hands full with the Launch Music Festival at the time, the plan had to be couched for later.

This weekend, the plan becomes real. We’re showing Dazed and Confused midtown atop the parking garage at 20th and L streets this Saturday, May 13 starting at 6pm. Ruhstaller Beer will be handling the beer vending, local hero DJ Shaun Slaughter will be spinning the classic rock of the era, and there will even be live music from a bunch of local dudes that got together and called themselves JK Livin’ in homage to the film.

I designed this series of 5 posters to promote the showing.

[slideshow]DC-1 DC-2 DC-4 DC-3 DC-5[/slideshow]