Kings Of Leon Poster 2017 New Jersey



This Kings Of Leon Poster 2017 New Jersey is the first poster of three I’ve designed for Kings Of Leon‘s 2017 summer tour via Nakatomi Inc. It’s a 12×18″ three color screenprint referencing the feel of 70s “good old boy” car flicks. Convoy, Grand Theft Auto, Smokey and the Bandit, et al.
I had been watching a lot of classic Burt movies like Hooper and drive-in exploitation films like 1977’s The Van and it all came together as this homage. Smokies, CB’s, custom vans, bridge jumps, car wrecks, hot pursuits, police choppers…it’s all here. The band wanted artists on this tour to try to work in cherries as a part of the visual motif if possible which is how I arrived at the Porky’s referencing “Cherry 4-Ever” van (also based loosely on The Van’s famous “Straight Arrow” tricked out Dodge Tradesman show van).


Altogether this was an extremely fun one to work on and I was able to try out some new shading techniques like stippling the fade on the van’s glossy paint job.


I’ve also designed two more posters for Kings of Leon’s late August swing back through the US which I will be presenting later in the summer.


• 12” x 18” three-color screen print

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site


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