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For Mazzy Star's spring 2012 show in Sacramento, I wanted something that felt simultaneously rustic, mystic and a bit naive. I aimed for a color palate that was dark without feeling cold and accented it with more luminous colors.

Available as a handsomely-printed 11x17 full-color print on heavy stock. 

ten-dolllars Mazzy Star

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All orders include FREE stickers and pin!

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Kings of Leon – Tampa (2017)

Gigposters, Screenprints
kings-of-leon-tampa-featured Mazzy Star

Kings of Leon – West Palm Beach (2017)

Gigposters, Screenprints
kings-of-leon-WPB-featured-1 Mazzy Star

Kings of Leon – San Francisco (2017)

Gigposters, Screenprints
kings-of-leon-shoreline-featured Mazzy Star

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