Bombay-Bicycle-Club-430x665 Bombay Bicycle Club Poster (2014)  Poster for Bombay Bicycle Club’s 2014 appearance at Assembly in Sacramento, CA

Over the past couple years, two things have worked into my stuff. Firstly, I have been on a kick of designing my own letterforms from shapes rather than modifying extant type, and also I’ve been creating more custom illustration where before I was “sampling” and modifying blown-out photographs. My Bombay Bicycle Club poster employs both of these. A whimsical scene of a water locked city inside an opened head.


• 11” x 17” Offset Print

• Printed on archival quality matte cardstock

• Each piece individually signed

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.

Bombay-Bicycle-Club-430x665 Bombay Bicycle Club Poster (2014)  ten-dolllars Bombay Bicycle Club Poster (2014)