crystal-method-poster-2005-430x664 The Crystal Method Poster (2005)


This Crystal Method Poster (2005) is, to date, my most ripped-off, bootlegged and “unofficially repurposed” poster. Maybe it’s something about the universality of the headphone imagery (this being a DJ set and all), maybe its to do with how easy it is to clear out the top in Photoshop and load your own info and logos in, since its all white.

Probably a little bit of both, but I’ve seen this one a number of times online, photoshopped and repurposed with new info. I even had one handed to me at Coachella. Too funny.
I don’t do a lot of posters for DJ sets as I tend to think that’s territory better served by glossy flyers. You know the kind: hot babes, a city skyline at night, a suitably cheap looking typestack, booze logos etc. A worthy and often necessary promotional tool, but not really what I’m on about here.

There are deliberate differences between the needs of a flyer and a full-on poster, but depending on the act you can definitely have some fun with it without things veering to much toward the disposable. For instance my 2014 poster for Chromeo (which is doubly an exception since it’s also for a New Year’s Eve party).

Aesthetically I allowed myself to go a bit slicker with the design on this one to match the act and their sound. Theres even elements of photorealism in the mix, although I amped the contrast and colors and blew them out where possible to make them more graphic elements than photos.

fifteen-dollars1 The Crystal Method Poster (2005)


THE Crystal Method Poster (2005) 11×17 Offset SPECS

• 11” x 17” offset color print

• Printed on heavyweight archival matte paper

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site (please be sure to request this at checkout)

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