the-joy-formdable-poster-sacramento-2012-430x664 The Joy Formidable Poster (2011)

The Joy Formidable Poster. 11x17" Offset on Archival Matte Cardstock.

The Joy Formidable poster for the Welsh band is given a spin art kind of look to complement the band's "wall of sound" aesthetic. Wailing squalls of dense guitar wash and distortion and soaring vocals riding over top of that work to wrap pop song structures in something a little more atmospheric. To that end, I tried to capture the feeling of all that structured chaos in this somewhat abstracted image for their show in Sacramento in August of 2011.

Their 90's shoegaze throwback sound also allowed me to play around with a tiny bit of Vaughan Oliver's 4AD-isms. Just a bit anyway, but my love of classic typography and stacks mixing thicks washy serifs and tall statuesque sanserifs definitely owe a debt to the style he forged with 4AD. Further, I played around with the arrangement of information, unnecessarily hyphenating the band name and extraneously running the show details vertically ala a vinyl or compact disc spine. Sometimes a cool looking type stack is its own reason for being.

For the main image itself I sought to portray the feeling of putting yourself in front of the speakers and just letting yourself go as great washes of feedback and reverb envelop you and make you feel like youre drifting in space. There's also a bit of late 60s oil-and-paint light shows to it, like the kind that used to form the backdrop for any number of psychedelic bands that played The Fillmore.

This one always felt like a distant cousin to my Phantogram poster from the previous year.

fifteen-dollars1 The Joy Formidable Poster (2011)



• 11” x 17” offset color print

• Printed on heavyweight archival matte paper

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site (please be sure to request this at checkout)

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