Kings Of Leon Screenprinted Poster $30

KingsOfLeon-Gorge-Nakatomi-PRINT-430x681 Kings of Leon - The Gorge (2017)

This is the final poster of three I've designed for Kings Of Leon's 2017 summer tour via Nakatomi Inc. (See more here.) It's a 12x18" three color screenprint meant to replicate the look and feel of Topps chewing gum wax outer wrappers for trading cards. Screen-Shot-2017-08-28-at-10.19.56-AM-430x355 Kings of Leon - The Gorge (2017)

As the band wanted us to work cherries into our artwork, I found a way to do just that while also incorporating something spacier and 70s, while also including some of the land that surrounds the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. I've recently been exploring a pet affection for 1970's airbrushed space art (as most successfully achieved so far in my album cover for Sacramento's Life in 24 Frames' CTR+Z) and this was a look and feel I felt could really jibe well with the spirit of Kings of Leon.



• 12” x 18” three-color screen print

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site


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pins Kings of Leon - The Gorge (2017)

Kings of Leon Poster – Tampa (2017)

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kings-of-leon-tampa-featured Kings of Leon - The Gorge (2017)

Kings of Leon – West Palm Beach (2017)

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kings-of-leon-WPB-featured-1 Kings of Leon - The Gorge (2017)

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kings-of-leon-shoreline-featured Kings of Leon - The Gorge (2017)

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