Lipstick-14-PRINT-430x665 Lipstick 14th Anniversary Poster  11x17 offset printed poster for legendary club night Lipstick's 14th anniversary in 2014.

Shaun Slaughter and Roderick Mar Carpio's legendary dance party Lipstick has been going for 14 years now. Before the modern "hipster" (whatever that even means) was a thing, before the indie kids unlocked their arms and hips and learned to dance, back in the dark days of mooky rap rock vapid and bubblegum pop, Lipstick emerged as a shining beacon of genre-mixing and cultural omnivorism at a time when those things were hardly in Vogue.
This year, Lipstick celebrated it's 14th birthday at Old Ironsides and these are the special limited-run art posters I designed to commemorate the event. Taking cue from the party's ethos of decade and genre mixing, I wanted to express those different eras and all the smoke and light and disco and narcotic sweep that brews through them. I wanted to make something that I could have done in 1978 with 1978 tools and made the composition from signature artists from each of the eras Lipstick represents: Jarvis Cocker, Grace Jones, Mick and Keith, and James Murphy. 

ten-dolllars Lipstick 14th Anniversary Poster


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