naked-and-famous-poster-2011-430x664 The Naked and Famous Poster (2011)


My The Naked and Famous Poster (2011) for their Sacramento show that August was a unique departure for me as I wanted to take things in a different direction than you might otherwise normally see on a TNAF poster.
The band felt to me like they had a bright candy-colored (yet tasteful) aesthetic and, with that in mind, I had decided that I would try to make something a little bit European and a lot of odd.

I started out wanting to make something bizarre in the Polish movie poster vein but more cuddly and less horrific. I think I ended up with something a little more like a German ice cream bar wrapper from the 70s. A daffy little confection with clean edges and just-this-side-of-Terry-Gilliam puffy typography.

As I recall this was around the time my girlfriend (now wife) and I were more than a little obsessedd with Little Big Planet, so Im certain that more than a little of it's irony crazy, rounded-edge, sticker-obsessed mayhem found its way onto the page here.

Since I was taking some liberties with the stacking of the band name, I threw Information and Promotion a bone (as I also did with my 2008 poster for Kinky and Money Mark) by tucking all the relevant show and ticket info into a modernist strip of data running along the bottom.

U;m still very fond of this one. A little pop-art, a little glam, a lot of odd.

fifteen-dollars1 The Naked and Famous Poster (2011)


THE Naked and Famous Poster (2011) 11x17 Offset SPECS

• 11” x 17” offset color print

• Printed on heavyweight archival matte paper

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site (please be sure to request this at checkout)

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