Sturgill Simpson Screenprinted Poster $30Untitled-3-430x424 Sturgill Simpson - Screenprint (2014)  12"x24" screenprinted gigposter for Sturgill Simpson's 2014 appearance at Harlow's in Sacramento, CA 


Im a huge fan of Sturgill Simpson. There are lots of neo-country dudes around but Simpson has really brought his own personality to the table. Unsatisfied with just replicating past styles, he adds lots of flourish and personal experience to the pot in what in someways feels like a psychedelic extension of Gram Parsons' "Cosmic American music", even if his work doesnt sound the same. So in approaching this poster, I wanted to take it somewhere unexpected. Pulling from the lyrics of Side One, Track One's "Turtles All the Way Down" I came up with a concept that is both literal and oblique. Tying into that I came up with a poster that can turn 180 degrees to become a different poster. A bit french nouveau, a bit late 60s psychedelia.


• 12” x 24” Screenprint

• Printed on heavy French Construction Paper

• Each piece individually signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition


sold-out Sturgill Simpson - Screenprint (2014)


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