Van-She-430x665 Van She Poster (2013)
Poster for Van She’s 2013 appearance at the Launch Music Festival in Sacramento.
For 2013’s Launch Music Festival, I curated a poster series matching many of the acts performing with local poster artists from the Sacramento area in addition to creating the official souvenir poster. My contribution is for Australian dance-pop outfit Van She. Having just returned from a two week vacation in Europe, I was recharged creatively and ready to try some different things out. The band name is built custom from shapes and inspired by an exhibition poster I saw outside of the Colosseum in Rome. The beach image is a composite of two pictures I shot in Santa Marinella with my iPhone (believe it or not) during a chill day on our trip.


• 11” x 17” Offset Print

• Printed on archival quality matte cardstock

• Each piece individually signed

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.

Van-She-430x665 Van She Poster (2013)  ten-dolllars Van She Poster (2013)