Walk the Moon Screenprinted Poster - $40Walk-The-Moon-430x573 Walk the Moon  Poster for Walk the Moon's sold out shows at Terminal 5 in NYC.

In spring 2015, I was emailed out of the blue by Walk The Moon’s art director. Some bands have art directors now. Crazy. I assume this is due to the shifting nature of music business revenue streams: merch and posters now make up a bit more of a band’s bread and butter than they once did. I was thrilled to be tapped to come up with a design for the band’s sold out shows in New York. All I had to do was avoid using a number of cliches the band had encountered over the years (no moons, etc).

With that I set about trying to encompass Walk the Moon’s feel. I felt it called for something retro without being obvious or pandering, something bright and colorful without being gaudy, and something that gave a sense of bounding motion. A dance poster without any dancing.

Conceptually this one is pretty clear: a jump man leaping from suspended galactic cliffs over a computerized plain of equalizer response. The band loved it and it remains one of my favorite pieces I’ve done. And that French bright yellow paper demands attention. Plus that sci-fi typeface (Alex Trochut's Neo Deco) is just unstoppable if you set it in the right treatment.



• 18” x 24” Screenprint

• Printed on heavy French Construction Paper

• Each piece individually signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.



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All orders include FREE stickers and pin!

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