the-walkmen-gigposter The Walkmen Poster (2012)

The Walkmen. Granada Theater. Dallas, Texas. 2012.

The Walkmen have long been one of my favorite bands. There's something infectious about their sound, their aesthetic, their entire manner of being. It's all dim sooty cabaret and ramshackle chamber pop and if you're on its specific dusty wavelength nothing else quite compares. For them to have emerged during the early-aughts dirge of interminable mook rock and the indie was a heroic act of cultural contrast and a vine thrown to more discerning ears looking for counterprogramming in that endlessly dire era. Their sound is at once tasteful and antiquated yet coming from a very modern place. A foot each planted in the past and present without ever seeming like a replica act or nostalgia for its own sake. For my poster for their 2012 show at the Granada Theater in Dallas (one of several I was fortunate to partner with the venue on) I tried to conjure up a bit of that smokey, Weimar Republic feel that I get from their music. Whether I succeeded is debatable but the band really liked them.

Available as a handsomely-printed 11x17 full-color print on heavy archival stock. 

fifteen-dollars1 The Walkmen Poster (2012)



• 11” x 17” offset color print

• Printed on heavyweight archival matte paper

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site (please be sure to request this at checkout)

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