Elefant Poster

[slideshow][/slideshow] More than anything else, I love the colors on this Elefant poster. I really wanted to do something with hyper-saturated “circus” colors and almost a black light poster feel. Yes, using actual elephant imagery is a bit “on the nose” but I think I bent it out a bit from that to something else. … Read More

Moonlight Towers Poster (2006)

[slideshow]   [/slideshow] I went through a period of wanting to make things that looked like title cards for BBC television series’ in the early 1970s. And so it is with my poster for indie band Moonlight Towers. The work is of course title driven, but it afforded lots of opportunities for implied narrative in … Read More

Mos Def – Talib Kweli Poster (2005)

[slideshow][/slideshow] My first-ever screenprinted poster. Mos Def and Talib Kweli toured together in 2005 with Pharaoh Monche and Jean Grae (see my poster for her here) and I created a 2 color screenprint for the event when it hit Sacramento.   You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Kings of Leon – The Gorge … Read More

Kasabian Poster (2005)

[slideshow][/slideshow] Kasabian have come along way the last decade, becoming one of Britain’s biggest and most well-respected bands. For their 2005 show (and their first American tour) their sound was very indebted to the Madchester sound on late 80s England. The vibe I settled on for the poster was very retro-Utopian, reminiscent of a paperback … Read More

Jonny Lang Poster (2005)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] I started out this Jonny Lang poster hoping to mimic classic California orange crate art and—lucky for me—I couldn’t pull that look off. What I ended up with instead was slightly less cliche and a bit more in line with what was becoming my style at the time. You can also find me on Gigposters … Read More

Jean Grae Poster (2005)

[slideshow]  [/slideshow] Jean Grae is a pretty terrific hip hop artist from South Africa who I think frankly should have blown up bigger. This is for an LA show in 2005 and I somewhat went back on my own self-imposed rule about not using artists pics in the posters by including her distinctive eyes in the … Read More

Inspectah Deck Poster (2005)

[slideshow][/slideshow] Inspectah Deck is a member of the Wu Tang Clan, as such I wanted to mix comic, graf, and mystic styles together in the piece. I actually designed this one entirely on a 13″ iBook back in the day and I remember feeling proud of myself for drawing those hands freehand with the bezier … Read More

The Roots Poster (2005)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] For The Roots 2005 show, I wanted to do something a bit layered and oblique. Since a Roots show on its own was a guaranteed sellout, I had the freedom to try things from another angle. This is actually a two layer poster. The first layer is simply straight show and venue information on semi-translucent … Read More

Uptown Lights Poster (2005)

[slideshow]  [/slideshow] This is like the fourth or fifth poster I ever made. I was lucky enough to be able to make a limited edition poster for a one-off gig that The Afghan Whigs’s Greg Dulli was doing down in LA called Uptown Lights. It wasnt really a side project since it was just a chance … Read More

Blackalicious Poster (2005)

[slideshow][/slideshow]   Built from the wreckage of an aborted record sleeve project, I was able to refashion those elements into a swooping, 70’s-flavored bit of blaxploitation for the Bay Area’s Blackalicious. Really like how this one fell together, over a Christmas break in 2005. You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Kings of Leon … Read More

Hothouse Flowers Tour Poster (2006)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] My first tour poster and my first poster for a show on another continent. This one was brought to me in spring of 2006 by my good friend Seamus McClernan. Legendary Irish band Hothouse Flowers needed an Australian tour poster and a tour shirt to match. Indeed.   You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Kings … Read More

Gossip Poster (2006)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] This is the second poster I was fortunate enough to do for (The) Gossip (you can see the first one here) Bonus points if you can identify the 80′s teen hearthrob I based this off of. You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Kings of Leon – The Gorge (2017) Gigposters, Screenprints California State … Read More

The Naked and Famous Poster (2011)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] For New Zealand synthpop act The Naked and Famous‘ August show, I wanted to take things in a different direction than you might see on a TNAF poster. With the band’s bright candy-colored-yet-tasteful aesthetic in mind, I had the idea to try to make something a little European and a lot of odd. I … Read More

Handsome Furs Poster (2010)

[slideshow][/slideshow] A poster I was asked to do by Sacramento’s Concerts 4 Charity in the summer of 2011 for Montreal noise/synth/rock band Handsome Furs. The band loved the posters and in fact said it was one of the best they had ever had done for one of their shows. You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Kings … Read More

The Crystal Method Poster (2005)

[slideshow][/slideshow]   To date, my most ripped-off poster. Maybe it’s something about the universality of the headphone imagery, maybe its to do with how easy it is to clear out the top and load your own info and logos in, since its all white. Probably a little bit of both, but I’ve seen this one … Read More

Digable Planets Poster (2005)

[slideshow]  [/slideshow] More than any other, I think this poster I did in 2005 for the reunited Digable Planets is the beginning of my style starting to actually become something recognizable of its own. Before that, I’d done a bunch of posters, some good, some not so good, but this was where my voice started to … Read More

Cold War Kids Poster (2010)

[slideshow]    [/slideshow] For Cold War Kids 2010 Sacramento show, I wanted to both play off their name and play with an idea I’d been toying with for a while: a distressed “wall of type.” I scoured the internet for help to properly render the gig’s information into several different languages, which is easier than … Read More

!!! – Chk Chk Chk Poster (2010)

[slideshow]   [/slideshow]   The first poster I did for Clay Nutting and his Sacramento-based Concerts4Charity in cooperation with Roderick Mar Carpio’s Record Club Sacramento The trick to doing a !!! (Chk Chk Chk) poster is finding a way to graphically represent the band name in a way thats clever and in some ways oblique. These mazes were designed to actually work too. Sometimes I wonder … Read More

Cut Copy / Foals Poster (2011)

[slideshow]   [/slideshow] The first poster I ever made for the Granada Theater in Dallas was for the “dream bill” (to me anyway) of Cut Copy, Foals, The Naked and Famous, and Holy Ghost!. My initial concept was to riff on the famous Polish poster for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris, long one of my favorite pieces of bold graphic design.  A rare case of a poster … Read More

The Joy Formidable Poster (2011)

[slideshow]  [/slideshow] Welsh group The Joy Formidable are very much a “wall of sound” band. Wailing squalls of dense guitar wash and distortion and soaring vocals riding over top of that. I tried to capture the feeling of that in this somewhat abstracted image for their show in Sacramento in August of 2011. Their 90’s shoegaze throwback … Read More

Friendly Fires Poster (2012)

[slideshow] [/slideshow]   A poster for English band Friendly Fires show at the Granada Theater in Dallas, October 2011. First and foremost, I wanted to start and stay with a bright color palette to mirror the light, almost tropical sounds of their newest album Pala. This is also how I ended up incorporating feathers into the final piece ala the album’s … Read More

Kinky Poster (2008)

[slideshow]  [/slideshow] Using lions (duh) as a jumping off point, I aimed to make something fluid and techno but still organic for Mexican band Kinky. In a perfect world I would have just let the rounded logotype in the middle do the talking, but you still gotta sell tickets, so I added the info strip … Read More

Mazzy Star

[slideshow] [/slideshow] For Mazzy Star’s spring 2012 show in Sacramento, I wanted something that felt simultaneously rustic, mystic and a bit naive. I aimed for a color palate that was dark without feeling cold and accented it with more luminous colors. Available as a handsomely-printed 11×17 full-color print on heavy stock.  recent work  Kings of Leon … Read More

Conduits Record Release Poster (2012)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] Conduits are an incredible band from my hometown of Omaha. Their sound recalls elements of Mazzy Starr and The XX but that doesn’t really do them justice as they are not another soundalike act. Their fantastic vocalist Jenna Morrison was kind enough to ask me to design the sleeve for their upcoming debut so naturally I jumped … Read More

Dan Webb Tour Poster (2012)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] Dan Webb, a singer-songwriter from Australia, contacted me in winter 2011/12 to create a poster for a mini-tour he was doing in New Zealand. This one was a lot of fun as I was able to employ a lot of early 80s new wave airbrush flourishes and some nice hard geometry, fresh-colors, etc. … Read More

The Walkmen Poster (2012)

The Walkmen. Granada Theater. Dallas, Texas. 2012. The Walkmen have long been one of my favorite bands. There’s something infectious about their sound, their aesthetic, their entire manner of being. It’s all dim sooty cabaret and ramshackle chamber pop and if you’re on its specific dusty wavelength nothing else quite compares. For them to have emerged … Read More

Foals Poster (2013)

Foals screenprinted gigposter. Sacramento 2013. With Oxford band Foals finally playing my hometown of Sacramento in the spring of 2003, it was crucially important to me that I get this one right. As a major fan from their first record Antidotes back in 2007, I wanted to create a striking design that would fit into the grain … Read More