Life in 24 Frames – CTRL+Z Case Study

Artwork for Life in 24 Frames’ 2017 album CTRL+Z in its limited edition gatefold colored vinyl format   I was contacted in late 2015 by Sacramento band Life in 24 Frames about doing some poster art for an upcoming show and maybe working on a cover for an album they had finished demos for. At … Read More

Johnny Taylor – Trump. Sugar. Sux. Tragic.

  Johnny Taylor’s comedy single Trump Sugar Sux Tragic with a cover designed by me. It’s just a couple bucks and 100% of proceeds go to support Planned Parenthood.   recent work  Hardcore Blather 

Best of Jambase – CD Cover (2006)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] A design I was commissioned to do for a 2006 compilation for Jambase. My head at the time (and at most times) was in a real 70s sci-fi, Phase IV kinda place, and it shows. Lots of cosmic weirdness and a saturated palate. You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Hardcore Blather 

Miles Mosley CD Cover (2006)

[slideshow][/slideshow] LA’s Miles Mosley is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist who has toured with Lauryn Hill. On his own, he specializes in his own sound which he dubs “brothel jazz.”  I was fortunate enough to design a logo and CD cover package for him for his 2006 album Taming the Proud. You can also find me on … Read More

The 808 Remixes 12″ Record Sleeve (2005)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] My very first vinyl record sleeve, created for Omaha’s Cymbalism Recordings drum n’ bass label, this was a single 12″ with a full color sleeve trying to fuse elements of Blue Note-era jazz record cover design and more modern electronic design, with all the extra information formatting that that implies. You can also find me on … Read More

Fleeting Joys Album Cover (2006)

[slideshow][/slideshow] A design for an EP from local shoegaze outfit Fleeting Joys  involved a lot of typographic work and tons of layering and blending in an effort to visually replicate their flurry of sound and swirl. You can also find me on Gigposters recent work  Hardcore Blather 

Junobot – The Nature of Technology CD Cover (2005)

[slideshow] [/slideshow] This was a full-branding project for Sacramento electropop artist Junobot. He needed a CD cover, a logo for his Junobot project, and one for his label R9 Recordings. Working from the concept inherent in the album’s title “The Nature of Technology”, I worked to create something both electronic and organic, sharp edges and bright … Read More

A New Perspective 10″ EP Record Set

[slideshow] [/slideshow]   A project for Omaha’s Cymbalism Recordings drum n’ bass label, this is a series of 3 ten-inch vinyl records designed to work independently and together when laid end-to-end, with certain elements tying together in a triptych that hangs together thematically, almost as if it tells one long story. Sadly, the project was scrapped due to … Read More

Conduits Album Cover (2012)

‎[slideshow] [/slideshow] Conduits are an incredible band from my hometown of Omaha. Their sound recalls elements of Mazzy Starr and The XX but that doesn’t really do them justice as they are not another soundalike act. Their fantastic vocalist Jenna Morrison was kind enough to ask me to design the sleeve for their upcoming debut so naturally … Read More