In the summer of 2015, I received an email out of the blue from a production company in Ireland working on a 6-part TV series about “a creative bunch of teenagers who get together to start a band.  The group embark on a journey out of their rural town and onto a national stage.” It would feature gritty realism mixed with hyperreal musical interludes.

Behold! The trailer…

They had found my work on the now-defunct (RIP) and had attached a low-res thumbnail of my Bombay Bicycle Club poster and asked if I’d be willing to offer clearance to use it as set dressing. Of course I was thrilled at the opportunity to showcase some of my work so I agreed and they passed me on to the show’s art director Francis.

Francis sent over a list of other posters they might be interested in and requested I send over jpegs that could be blown up and used as background art. It seemed strange to me that a bunch of Irish teenagers would have been present at so many shows in the Sacramento area a decade ago, but it sounded like a fun project to be associated with and no one would be able to make out the fine print on the posters anyway.

So I shipped off a raft of jpegs and hoped for the best. The following spring the show aired on Ireland’s TG4 channel and I was absolutely floored at not only how many posters they were able to use, but how large they made many of them. 11×17’s increasing to 2 and 3 times that size. I was all over this show, in the background anyway. It was a real treat every week that winter opening up TG4’s webplayer and scanning through each new episode looking for my posters. Eventually I actually gave the show a proper watch too, and it’s really not bad. An interesting mix of music and dramedy. You can check the show out for yourself at TG4’s site for the show and below I’ve got some screengrabs of scenes featuring my stuff.


  1. Violent Femmes, Empire – Sacramento (2005), 2. Drive-By Truckers, Empire – Sacramento (2008), 3. Gossip, Harlow’s – Sacramento (2006)


  1. Drive-By Truckers – Empire – Sacramento (2008), 2. Queens of the Stone Age – Empire – Sacramento (2005), 3. Lateef the Truthspeaker –  Harlows – Sacramento (2005),


  1. Cut Copy/Foals – Granada – Dallas (2011)


  1. Liam O’Maonlai – LLC – Grand Rapids (2006), 2. Bombay Bicycle Club – Assembly – Sacramento (2013)