Walk the Moon Poster 2015 New York City


Limited edition 18″x24″ screenprinted Walk the Moon poster for their sold out 2015 appearance in New York City. Designed by Jason Malmberg for Decabet

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In spring 2015, I was emailed out of the blue by Walk The Moon’s art director. Some bands have art directors now. Crazy. I assume this is due to the shifting nature of music business revenue streams: merch and posters now make up a bit more of a band’s bread and butter than they once did. I was thrilled to be tapped to come up with a design for the band’s sold out shows in New York. All I had to do was avoid using a number of cliches the band had encountered over the years (no moons, etc).

With that I set about trying to encompass Walk the Moon’s feel. I felt it called for something retro without being obvious or pandering, something bright and colorful without being gaudy, and something that gave a sense of bounding motion. A dance poster without any dancing.

Conceptually this one is pretty clear: a jump man leaping from suspended galactic cliffs over a computerized plain of equalizer response. The band loved it and it remains one of my favorite pieces I’ve done. And that French bright yellow paper demands attention. Plus that sci-fi typeface (Alex Trochut’s Neo Deco) is just unstoppable if you set it in the right treatment.

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