Foals Screenprinted Poster $30

foals-screenprint-sacramento-2013-430x573 Foals Poster (2013)

With Oxford band Foals finally playing my hometown, it was incredibly important to me that I get this one right. As a major fan from day one, I needed to create a striking image that fit and repesented the band and their sensibility well.

The cobra arm imagery was inspired by a book I saw about 15 years ago that featured public health/PSA adverts, flyers and posters from the 60’s and 70’s. One of the posters featured a horrific illustration of the effects of taking LSD: a young boy staring in horror at his upturned arms which had taken the form of snakes. I wanted surreal, narcotic imagery with an almost religious “stigmata” bent to it as well.

Available in a signed, numbered edition of 50.



• 18” x 24” three-color screen print

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site

foals-screenprint-sacramento-2013-430x573 Foals Poster (2013)  sold-out Foals Poster (2013)