foals-screenprint-sacramento-2013-430x573 Foals Poster (2013)

Foals screenprinted gigposter. Sacramento 2013.

With Oxford band Foals finally playing my hometown of Sacramento in the spring of 2003, it was crucially important to me that I get this one right. As a major fan from their first record Antidotes back in 2007, I wanted to create a striking design that would fit into the grain of their overall aesthetic. Something that would snap into place alongside their arch and abstract videos and album covers.  I felt pretty distinctly keyed into the band's vibe, but how to portray it?

In a way this was my second poster for the band, having designed an extremely popular print for their 2010 show with Cut Copy at the Granada in Dallas. That one referenced Tarkovsky's classic 1972 sci-fi film Solaris (among any number of other retro affectations of mine) and I didn't want to mine that same ground again. The album they were touring at the time, 2013's Holy Fire was another step forward for the band's widescreen aspirations. There were touches of the surreal and the macabre mixed with something more reaching and spiritual. To that end, I sought to come up with something mystic and unnerving.

What its all about

The cobra arm imagery was inspired by a book I saw about 15 years ago that featured public health/PSA adverts, flyers and posters from the 60's and 70's. One of the posters featured a horrific illustration of the effects of taking LSD: a young boy staring in horror at his upturned arms which had taken the form of snakes. I wanted surreal, narcotic imagery with an almost religious "stigmata" bent to it as well.

Available in a signed, numbered edition of 50.    Sorry, but I'm afraid this print has SOLD OUT



• 18” x 24” three-color screen print

• Each piece individually signed when purchased from this site

sold-out Foals Poster (2013)

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