justice-poster-decabet-430x573 Justice Poster (2014)
Justice poster, part of TBD Festival Poster Series. Designed August 2014



This Justice poster (2014) was a first for me. I had illustrated a few gig posters at this point, but never with drawn portraits. In fact, there were several times I nearly gave up from frustration to retreat back to my normal modes and comfort zones of decoupage and photosampling, but I am very glad I stuck it out and made it all the way to the landing.

This was my contribution to a poster series I curated for Sacramento's nascent TBD music festival in 2014. Of course this being a DJ set (their only perfomance in the United States in 2014 in fact) gave me the spark and freedom to do something a bit more fun and different, where I worked in the cassette mixtape and spinning record into the overall composition.

From the band's trademark monoliths of towering Marshall stacks to the statuesque glowing cross that acts as centerpiece to their live sets, its all meant to give the feeling of being in that crowd when the first beat drops. I wanted the composition to bow out from and back into the horizon like a fisheye lens but without distorting. As if all these elements were tumbling out at you.

This was a very popular poster and I was thrilled to see people walking around the festival all weekend with the poster rolled up in their bags. The ink used has elements of dayglo luminosity to it, giving the prints themselves a kind of science fiction sheen.


• 18” x 24” Screenprint

• Printed on heavy French Construction Paper

• Each piece individually signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.



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