Launch-Poster-Outlined-For250-430x599 Launch Music Festival Poster (2013)
A special limited-edition 4-color screenprint in a limited-edition of 250 for Sacramento's Launch Music Festival in 2013

For 2013's Launch Music Festival in Sacramento, California, I approached the promoter's about a two-fold idea: first I wanted to curate a poster series representing each band in the line-up worked into individual gig posters designed by local Sacramento artists (of I which I myself created one, for Australia's Van She). Secondly, I wanted to create a screen printed poster for the event itself. A souvenir item to be used as mercy at the festival itself.  Since, the poster was for people who were already at the festival, I felt we could dispense with the usual wall of text and band names and try something a bit more clever. I decided to represent each band on the lineup as a simple pictogram representing their name. At first I was only going to do the main headliners, but as inspiration struck I started adding more and more acts to the list and since you can't do one from the undercard without doing the others before long I had thrown my hat over the fence and committed to doing them all. Some are simple, some are far more oblique, but they are all get-able and the fun is in figuring out who is who.


• 18” x 24” Screenprint

• Printed on heavy French Construction Paper

• Each piece individually signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.

twentyfive-dollars Launch Music Festival Poster (2013)

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All orders include FREE stickers and pin!

pins Launch Music Festival Poster (2013)

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kings-of-leon-tampa-featured Launch Music Festival Poster (2013)

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