Perfume-Genius-Front-430x665 Perfume Genius (2014)  Perfume Genius, limited edition vellum poster for his 2014 performance in Sacramento, CA

For Perfume Genius' October 2014 performance in Sacramento, I tried out something I'd been wanting to do for a while: a poster that used translucence to create the impression of depth on a single sheet of paper. To achieve this effect, I created the design in two layers: a full-color design for the front-facing side of a piece of heavy vellum and a second side with the show information printed in 100% black in reverse. By designing the two sides to work together, the black information peeks through the design on the front of the vellum, thus creating a kind of old apothecary window effect. This jpeg simulates the effect, but it really must be seen in person to really grasp the effect.


• 11” x 17” Multimedia Print

• Printed on archival quality heavy vellum art paper

• Each piece individually signed

• Numbered strictly limited edition

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.


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