Peter Murphy Poster - $20Peter-Murphy-black-on-black-430x664 Peter Murphy Poster (2009)
Special limited-edition black-on-black (lightened for display here) poster for Peter Murphy's 2009 appearance at Harlow's in Sacramento, CA

For years I wanted to do a black-on-black poster. Black ink, black paper, visible in the light. But you can't just do a thing like that for anybody. For one, a poster is still a way to promote a thing. So it needs to be made for something that's going to sell out on its own anyway. Second, it of course has to fit thematically with the artist it's for. Enter: Peter Murphy, king of goth from his post punk days in Bauhaus up through the decades to now. I finally had a good fit. The imagery is a mix of hard edged Eastern European line and bauhaus-inspired flourishes (including a few instances of the famous Bauhaus symbol hidden in the design itself) to more recent references to his solo career (Marlene Dietrich, smoking from an eye which is a mouth, dead center.) These were printed on heavy black paper in a really sharp single color print and look fantastic in person.


• 12” x 18” Letterpress Print

• Printed on archival quality matte art paper

• Each piece individually signed

• Numbered strictly limited edition

LIMITED TIME OFFER: All poster orders include FREE stickers and pin.


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