Sister-Crayon-430x665 Sister Crayon Poster (2010)  Tour poster for Sacramento band Sister Crayon. 2010.

Sister Crayon is an insanely talented band from Sacramento who have been transfixing audiences all over the map with their ethereal and somewhat mystic songcraft. I designed this poster for them in 2010 as a way to help them pay for a new van (as I recall.) I'm very very glad I did as their sound helped to push my work into a new frontier I hadn't been to yet. Part-Tron, part-Zardoz, part-Jodorowsky. On the short list of my favorite posters I've worked on over the years. And I really should have taken the time to make a full alphabet from the typeface I designed for the band's name.


• 11” x 17” Offset Print

• Printed on archival quality matte cardstock

• Each piece individually signed


ten-dolllars Sister Crayon Poster (2010)

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